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An ad that ran in the NCAA Men's Basketball Finals featured a woman throwing a piece of equipment out the window. Do you remember the brand? Probably not. It was DirecTV, which spent $31 million in media time to run the spot multiple times during March Madness. (See link below to watch it.) My bet is that the spot was remembered, but not the brand because the ad spent too much time depicting a problem with cable tv -- equipment -- instead of the solution -- DirecTV. And it used a tired trope to dramatize the problem. By the time the DirecTV solution was presented, viewers likely had tuned out. Further, is “equipment” really the problem cord-cutters have with cable tv? What do you think? DirecTV ad.

March Madness: Good & Bad News

  • BAD -- the odds of having a perfect bracket: 1 in 9.2 quintillian. Which means it’s 2X easier to win 2 back to back lotteries.

  • GOOD -- 90% of employees say office morale improves with a pool

  • BAD FOR ADVERTISERS -- Linear tv and streaming viewership dropped 28% over last year when the final was broadcast on CBS, due in part to the shift from broadcast to cable and the dominance by Villanova in the final game.

Source: Wallethub Research

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