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Demand Creation Services, Marketing consultant


Interim CMO

  • 3X Turnaround Success

  • 25 Years as a Marketing Executive

  • 1000+ Hours of Training in Behavioral Economics

Growth marketing, revenue improvement, turnarounds thru Innovation, business strategy, brand strategy,  customer experience, and behavioral science.

The strategic expertise of a big brand with the creativity and agility of a startup
the strategic expertise of a big brand with the creativity and agility of a startup

With the strategic expertise of a big brand and the creativity of a startup I deliver double digit growth for B2C companies. My experience includes:




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Behavioral Economics Post Graduate Studies

Years as VP of Marketing

Turnararound Success




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Sharon McCarthy

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Value Creation Services

Revenue acceleration, turnarounds, innovation, marketing stragegy, brand repositioning using my proprietary 4Ps Framework for B2C businesses.

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​Reduce friction in your customer journey while cutting costs and improving the customer experience through Driva Solutions, a boutique CX consultancy for the world's most innovative companies. Clients include: Apple, Google, Tesla, T-Mobile.  

Holistic Customer Insights

At Driva, I turn data into insights using what the customer can tell you and what they can't tell you.

  • What the Customer Can Tell You

        In-depth Interviews, Quantitative Benchmarking, Big Data 

  • What the Customer CAN'T Tell You:

        Observation, Behavioral Economics, Guided

        Experimentation,  Predictive Analytics, 


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