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Interim CMO

Business Revitalization Informed by Behavioral Design 

Because at the heart of all business transformation is behavior change, whether its try this, buy more, or simply click here.

Services include brand repositioning, innovation, behavioral design, growth marketing, redeployment of spending, expansion of usage occasions, and improvements in CX.  Since technology can often change the tactics, I sustain a strong bench of freelance marketers to deliver any tactical Marketing or CX expertise needed. 

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With Driva Solutions, a boutique customer experience consulting firm for the world's most innovative clients, including Apple, Google, Costco, and TMobile. Driva helps organizations achieve the CX trifecta: lower costs, higher revenue, and a better customer experience. 

Holistic Customer Insights -  Most CX consultants employ Voice of the Customer research. The problem is that customers are notoriously bad at telling you what they need. Driva is the first consultancy to provide a truly holistic approach for turning data into insights by using what the customer can tell you and what they can't tell you. 

What the Customer Can Tell You

In-depth Interviews, Quantitative Benchmarking, Sentiment and key phrase analysis from owned channels, social listening, big data

What the Customer Can't Tell You:

Observation, Behavioral Economics, Predictive Analytics, Guided Experimentation

the strategic expertise of a big brand, the scrappiness of a startup
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