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With Driva Solutions, a boutique customer experience consulting firm for the world's most innovative clients, including Apple, Google, and TMobile. Driva helps organizations achieve the CX trifecta: lower costs, higher revenue, and a better customer experience. 

What I do for Driva:

Holistic Customer Insights -  Most CX consultants employ Voice of the Customer research. The problem is that customers are notoriously bad at telling you what they need. Driva is the first consultancy to provide a truly holistic approach for turning data into insights by using what the customer can tell you and what they can't tell you. 

What the Customer Can Tell You

In-depth Interviews, Quantitative Benchmarking, Sentiment and key phrase analysis from owned channels, social listening, big data

What the Customer Can't Tell You:

Observation, Behavioral Economics, Predictive Analytics, Guided Experimentation

Middle-market B2C Advisory 

I help revive under-valued, middle-market B2C brands.

That means using every growth lever available, including brand repositioning, innovation, growth marketing, CX, and holistic customer insights.


I know who the good people are. So if I don't have the tactical expertise that's needed I have a great bench of freelance marketing experts to draw from. 

the strategic expertise of a big brand with the creativity and agility of a startup
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