Why Hire a Growth Strategist

Urgent Demand Creation

Identify opportunities to accelerate growth through changes to the positioning, product mix, product features, customer experience, go to market, or marketing plan . 


Lead quantitative research, conduct in-depth interviews with prospects & customers, design experiments/tests, validate product/concept using Lean Startup Methodology


Of founders, CEOs, or emerging marketing leaders


Interim support until a full time CMO can be hired; for testing the value of a CMO

Previous Assignments

  • "In the 10 years we've been in business, we've never made money. This year we need to generate a 14% increase in profitable sales or we will go bankrupt. Make it happen."

  • "Here's a new technology -- it does x,y, and z.  Which industry should we launch in, what should the product be, what should the revenue model be, and what's the plan to ensure it's adopted over competing technologies?"

  • "This was one of the biggest initiatives in our company's history, designed in part, to reassure Wall Street that we had a second act.  Why are we not seeing any sales benefit from it? What should we do?"

  • "How do we stage the sequence of our feature releases so that we maximize the opportunity on the platform? Too many, too early, and we confuse the customer. Too few, too late, and we'll invite a competitive response."

the strategic expertise of a big brand with the creativity and agility of a startup