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3x turnaround success, 20+ years as a Marketing VP, 1000 hours of Post grad studies in Behavioral Economics

3X                Turnaround Success


Years VP Marketing

Behavioral Economics 



Current Roles

Value Creation Consultant, B2C Organizations 

Senior Consultant, Driva Solutions, a boutique customer experience consulting firm for the world's most innovative companies. Clients include Apple, Google, Costco, Starbucks, T-Mobile. I provide actionable, holistic customer insights. 

Why I Run TOWARD Businesses Most Run FROM

I love to learn, so my career goal was always to maximize my learning. As a result, I have a more diverse skill set than most marketing executives, and unlike most, I run toward businesses most run from.  Here's how I got started: as a business analyst with the company that became Tommy Hilfiger. Then I joined a strategic planning consultancy, Kurt Salmon Associates, now owned by Accenture, as a Senior Research Analyst. 


I obtained an MBA from Wharton so I could learn not only how to analyze problems but to identify and capitalize on opportunities through a degree in entrepreneurial management.

After Wharton, I went to consumer package goods (CPG) at Kraft because they invest the most in training marketing talent. Since most CPG firms only promote CEOs from the marketing ranks, as a marketer, you're trained in marketing and how to be a CEO. I then went to Taco Bell because it was the best place to learn retail marketing. Heavy fast food users' relentless stream of visits shifts your mindset towards the importance of habituating idea generation and validation, and how to use every customer touchpoint as a proof point for the brand's promise. 


After this foundational training, I then set off to identify and solve the most challenging problems I could find – usually startups and turnarounds – and always in a new industry. I measure how much I’ve learned by the unexpected results I’ve achieved.

  • Grew same-store sales 58% for a 200 unit retail chain, bringing it to profitability for the first time in its 10 year history, resulting in the sale of the business to Hallmark and a successful liquidity event for investors.

  • Grew catalog profitability 118%, growing ecommerce traffic +35%

  • Reversed an 8% decline in cheese snacks and generated a 25% increase in revenue

  • Designed and launched a mobile buying app using augmented reality and digital twin technology, selling it into 60% of the magazine industry, achieving our annual download goal in 3 months, winning an Edison Innovation award. Convinced a highly competitive industry to do the unthinkable: cooperate with its competitors and put our logo on the bottom of every page.

  • In my first role at Kraft, reversed a sales decline at Cheez Whiz by initiating, funding, and launching a promotion that resulted in a 69% increase in 4th quarter sales of our flagship sku. 

  • Launched one of the first social networks, pioneering the launch strategy for a business with network effects. 

  • Restaged the failed launch of  better-for-you tacos and burritos at Taco Bell, growing profitability 8%

  • Stood up a digital marketing department within 2 months and achieved a 340% ROI on digital ad campaigns.

And I'm still learning, now with formal training in Behavioral Economics. Why? Because at the heart of all business transformation is behavior change whether it's try this, buy more, or click here. Behavioral Economics makes it easier to change behavior and to place better bets. 


Have a complex problem? Bring it to me.  When your career is designed to maximize learning, you develop a deep and diverse skill set, achieve the unexpected, and you run toward businesses most people run from.


  • MBA, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

  • BS, the University of Delaware

  • International Study program, semester abroad, University of Copenhagen

  • Post graduate studies in Behavioral Economics

  Positions Held

  • EVP of Marketing, Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel)

  • VP of Marketing, Netpage/Silverbrook Research, an innovation lab HQ'd in Sydney, Australia.

  • President, Brandspring Consulting        

  • VP of Marketing, Our Block, an early social network

  • VP of Marketing, The Picture People, div of Hallmark

  • Brand Management, Taco Bell Corp., div of PepsiCo, Kraft USA, div of Kraft General Foods

  • Senior Analyst, KSA, one of the first management consulting firms in the US, now owned by Accenture.

  • Business Analyst, Murjani International, the business that founded and launched Tommy Hilfiger           

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