About Me

I grew up at the beach in New Jersey, and now I call the Pacific Northwest my home.  As a child, my favorite hobby was collecting rocks and shells I found at the beach. I wanted nothing more than to be a geologist when I grew up. What fascinated me was that every rock I found had a story behind it, millions of years old.  Every grain of sand was a Lilliputian-sized crystal. Every shell was once a home at the beach.


This instinct for seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary led me to a 20+ year career in marketing. Like a geologist, I thrive on mining opportunities for businesses. I find and extract the inherent value in a business and polish it up so a broader audience can experience its wonder.  My career is still the best hobby I've ever had. 


  • Food  Food Network Magazine; Taco Bell; Kraft, DineEquity, Max Brenner, Etsy-for-dinner food tech startup.

  • Media  Discovery Channel; Hearst 

  • Internet/Mobile  Netpage; Our Block; Hearst 

  • Fashion   Marie Claire; Esquire; House Beautiful; Calico Corners; Harold Penner; Kurt Salmon Associates; Murjani, the company that launched Tommy Hilfiger.

  • Healthcare  Breg, Clinicient 

      Positions Held

  • VP of Marketing, Netpage/Silverbrook Research

  • EVP of Marketing, Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel)

  • President, Brandspring Consulting        

  • VP of Marketing, Our Block, an early social network

  • VP of Marketing, The Picture People, div of Hallmark

  • Marketing Manager, Taco Bell Corp., div of PepsiCo

  • Brand Mgmt, Kraft USA, div of Kraft General Foods            


  • Stood up a digital marketing department within 2 months and achieved a 340% ROI on digital ad campaigns.

  • Turned around a 200 unit retail chain, growing same-store sales 58%, resulting in the sale of the business to Hallmark and a successful liquidity event for investors.

  • Designed and launched an augmented reality mobile buying app, which gave users the ability to buy directly from paper.  Sold app into 60% of the magazine industry, achieving download goal in 3 months, winning an Edison Innovation award.

  • Designed and led the first in-home use test for a mobile app. 

  • Launched one of the first social networks, and pioneered the launch strategy for a business with network effects. 

  • Was the first to bring photo gifts to the mass market, well in advance of Shutterfly and other early entrants.

  • Launched better for you tacos, growing profitability 8%

  • Grew catalog profitability 118%. 

  • Reversed an 8% decline in cheese snacks and generated a 25% increase in revenue

Human Skills

  • A creative Catalyst/Pioneer – who imagines what could be and galvanizes teams to bring it to fruition. 

  • A growth strategist skilled at identifying an individual and a company’s “onlyness” and amplifying them to grow businesses through people and to grow people through business.

  • Creative & strategic -- develops programs that inspire customers while profitably meeting strategic business objectives

  • Aesthetically inclined, thriving in categories or services that are evocative of the senses

  • Courageous -- willing to make the hard decisions, have the tough conversations, and support the right people and issues

  • Relentlessly curious

  • Especially compassionate for the quirky, the outsider, the misunderstood, and the voiceless

  • Tirelessly passionate about helping you tackle and overcome your greatest challenges

the strategic expertise of a big brand, the creativity and agility of a startup