Brand Building Concepts  

Fine Grained

Small scale, sustainable living


A media site that provides inspiration, affirmation, and utility to millennials seeing the good life. Content includes: luxury micro-homes, timeless fashion and capsule wardrobes, sharing and upcycling ideas, and slow living through experiences rather than material goods.


Business model: native advertising for sharing economy brands, ecommerce from a curated list of products, lead gen for homebuilders




Modern Eating

A media site that helps health conscious, time-starved epicureans eat more healthfully so they can lose weight and keep it off without compromising their lifestyle. 

Business model: advertising, ecommerce sales from "modernmilkshake"

PNW Forager

A Pacific Northwest lifestyle brand uniquely capturing the ethos of the Pacific Northwest. It helps consumers connect with the land, the food, and the harvesters and growers of the PNW.  Helps small, local, producers romance their products to build downstream demand for them. 

Business model: advertising, ecommerce, listing fee, agritourism lead gen


Pacific Northwest 

Lifestyle Brand

the strategic expertise of a big brand, the creativity and agility of a startup