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Over the course of my career, I learned that the most profitable and successful marketing programs are those that leverage scientific insights about human behavior. After I left my job at Taco Bell, I went to work in a turn-around, and no longer had a big Taco Bell advertising budget. We turned around the business, in part, by leveraging consumers insights that encouraged customers to do the marketing of our business for us.  I went on to launch an early social network, in which we had to convince users to adopt a service that had a network effect, an expression popularized by Bob Metcalfe.  I went to school on network effects and other ways to juice sales without an advertising budget.  I compiled the insights and examples of companies using them and taught them to entrepreneurs in San Francisco. Overtime, I've continued to add to my toolkit , and I'm now summarizing them here.


Why a picture book? Because we're awash in data, we connect more emotionally and creatively to pictures than words, and we're more likely to remember an idea when it's attached to a picture. It's a better way to learn.  In the words of one of my Wharton Professors, Jack Siler, "how do you solve this problem? Draw the picture."


So if you're an entrepreneur, a creative director, a marketing executive, or even a CEO of an established business and you want more cost effective ways to market your business, this book is for you. Consider it a brainstorm in a book.  Would you like to contribute to the book, and earn a share of the book's profit? Read below.

How To Contribute

Every 2 weeks I will send out a challenge: a Social Science Secret for which I would love real life examples of companies using this insight to grow sales. Read below my example of how companies have used Social Proof to grow sales. Everyone who contributes to the book earns a % of the profit of the book based on their contribution. The more you contribute (and we use), the more you earn. In fact, 67% of the profit of this book is going to you, the contributors, so contribute away!

This Week's Challenge #8: SOCIAL PROOF

Social Proof is a phenomenon coined by social scientist Robert Cialdini to explain why people are compelled to join a long line of customers waiting for a seat at a restaurant.  We assume other people have more information about a situation than we do. It's why we look to see the number of reviews in the app store before downloading a free app. It was the "Over 1 Million Served" sign at McDonald's that propelled it's early growth. 

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Behavioral Insights That Ignite Sales 

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