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Gift Guide for the Marketing Executive

Pacific and West Maple Notebook

First launched on Kickstarter, these gorgeous maple notebooks inspire creativity. They feature hand-oiled, 3-ply, real maple covers, a brass, double coil binding that enables the book to lay flat, and dot, grid, or plain recycled paper. Made in Portland Oregon. In 2 colors, 3 sizes. $19+ Buy

Blackwing Pencils

The cult favorite once used by John Steinbeck and Chuck Jones, Blackwing pencils are crafted from California incense-cedar and premium Japanese graphite. At half the pressure and twice the speed of a regular pencil, Blackwings verily “skate across the page," reported the Wall Street Journal. The iconic eraser is extendable and replaceable. $21.95 for a set of 12. Buy

Gray Malin Phone Cases

Get away, every day. Famed fine art photographer Gray Malin has lent his gorgeous photography to iPhone Cases featuring impact-resistant, hard-shell protection, and a slim design. $49.00 Buy

Moo Business Card Cases

​​Sleek, minimalist, and smartly designed in bold colors from legendary Italian designer, Georgio Fedon, these card cases are the perfect "unboxing" for your luxury Moo business cards. In red, orange, and black. $37.99 Buy

Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

Crafted from maple, porcelain, and cork, Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers were described by Wired Magazine as a "seamless marriage of drool-worthy design and audiophile-worthy sound." Speakers and amp $550. Buy

Studio Neat Wireless Charger

Made from milled walnut, natural cork, and wool felt, these beautiful, wireless chargers feature Qi-certified wireless charging (iphone 8 or higher) that charge at the highest speed possible. And no annoying LED light to keep you up at night. $45+, this one is $95. Buy

Tiny Vacation Home by Drop Structures

What we all want -- time away. The Mono from Drop Structures is a tiny luxury, vacation structure, 106 sqft, deliverable, turnkey, no permits required, to anywhere in North America. $25,000 Buy

Ugmonk Leather Mousepad

Made in small batches in Downington Pennsylvania, Ugmonk mousepads provide a smooth surface for the mouse and a soft cushion for your hand. The natural leather ages over time to a beautiful patina that lends a stunning contrast to your digital devices. During the holiday season, Ugmonk donates a portion of their sales to support meals to children in orphanages. In Natural, Brown, and Black. $36 Buy

Audible Subscription

How do you make a commute magically disappear? Through a good book. A12month subscription at 12 books a month, plus 12 Audible Originals $150. Buy

Mirror, the Interactive Home Gym

Developed by a former dancer with the New York City Ballet, Mirror is an interactive home gym that disappears into a wall mounted mirror when not in use, perfect for small space living. When on, it’s a sleek interactive display in which you see yourself, your instructor and your classmates. Workouts range from cardio and strength to yoga and boxing and are streamed from their NYC studio. $1495. + monthly subscription Buy

The Panobook

A Kickstarter favorite, the founders of Panobook, used design thinking to reinvent the notebook for the modern office. The panoramic form lets the book sit sweetly in front of a computer, a Wiro binder keeps the book flat when opened, a subtle dot grid makes it easy to draw, and a French paper sleeve lets you label and archive your notebooks when done. $23.99 Buy

Pantone the Game

The Pantone game is perfect for visual thinkers, and simple and fun for the whole family. Players try to recognize characters from pop culture represented only by abstract arrangements of colors. The colors featured are inspired by Pantone™, the color experts. $23.25 Buy

Field Trip Society

Nurture their curiosity with a field trip, those exciting, mini adventures we loved as kids. Here in the Pacific Northwest, you can purchase a gift certificate to the Field Trip Society, which features adventures to dig for oysters, forage for truffles, arrange slow flower bouquets or many other activities. I've been to 3 If you’re not in Seattle, look for activities that facilitate exploration or dabbling in a creative hobby without a significant investment in equipment or classes. Buy

Professional Digital Organizer

Give the gift of organization. Buy time with a digital organizer who can organize emails, mystery photos, and documents that have been accumulating for years on different devices, hard drives, and in the cloud. A digital organizer can also recommend new tools and help implement workflows to manage the flow of information into the home. It’s not just the gift of organization; it’s the gift of time. StructuredSpace here in Seattle. Outside of Seattle, search for a CPO (Certified Professional Organizer) with expertise in digital organizing through NAPO. Learn More

Blackwing Pencil Pouch

Handcrafted in San Diego from Martexin waxed canvas and oiled black leather, the pencil pouch is made specifically to hold 24 Blackwing pencils. $34.95 Buy

A Beautiful Workspace

Who wouldn’t be more inspired by this stunning and productive workspace? The founder of UgMonk spent years designing his ideal workspace and curating items for it. Some of them are featured here in this gift guide. He provides all the step by step instructions and pieces to buy in this blog post. Learn More

Hay Sowden Water Bottles

These colorful, sculptural water bottles were designed by George Sowden of the Memphis Design Group, known for challenging conventional wisdom about objects and function. Made from polypropylene and stainless steel interiors, these insulated bottles are designed to keep beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. In 2 sizes, 5 colors. $35 Buy

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